The Fortran package OCPID-DAE1 is designed to solve optimal control problems and parameter identification problems subject to ordinary differential equations and differential algebraic equations, control and state constraints, and boundary conditions. It implements a direct multiple shooting method and offers the following features:

  • integrators for ordinary differential equations (explicit Runge-Kutta methods with and without step-size selection, e.g. Euler, Heun, classic RK, DOPRI5(4), RKF2(3), RKF4(5),RKF7(8))
  • integrators for implicit differential equations (BDF, linearized RADAUIIA methods)
  • consistent initialization for semi-explicit index-1 DAEs
  • switching functions for discontinuous processes
  • control approximation by B-splines
  • adjoint estimation
  • parametric sensitivity analysis
  • ocpiddae1-gui_bounds
  • ocpiddae1-gui_dimensions
  • ocpiddae1-gui_functions
  • ocpiddae1-gui_log
  • ocpiddae1-gui_results
  • ocpiddae1-gui_settings